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The pack has spoken

What can I say except that Maria's healing work is really deep. I mean that figuratively and literally. She get's to a place where few healers can get to and she helps make change possible on the most fundamental level. Maria is an incredibly effective communicator so it's easy to get to the root of any health challenge and get the ball rolling toward psychic, emotional and physical health. If it matters, Maria is also very affordable from a health maintenance perspective. It's important to have someone like Maria in a community like Cape Cod. Thank you MS.

S.H., MA

"I recently became the care giver and steward for a young, off-the track thoroughbred. My only goal for this horse is to help him transition from his former racing career, to his future, whatever that may be. Due to his time at the track, this guy has faced a number of challenges in his transition. While I had engaged a variety of traditional health practitioners, I still felt like there was something missing from our approach. A friend recommended that I consider adding Maria's services to our game plan. When I first contacted Maria, we were struggling with a particularly aggressive case of scratches that had led to secondary lymphangitis. This horse had a raging fever, was non-weight bearing, and progress was not being made. He was in distress and I knew we had to consider alternative options. I was immediately impressed with Maria's professionalism and intuitiveness.  During our first phone session (with absolutely no background information from me, nor visual access to him) Maria immediately noted that we were dealing with his left rear leg that was the issue at hand. While I had been engaging traditional veterinary services, it was only when Maria came on board, that I saw dramatic improvement in his condition. His fever dropped and he began to respond to treatment. In addition to helping us address the health crisis on our hands, which has since cleared up, Maria has continued to work with this young gelding. With regular sessions from Maria, this horse has progressed in leaps and bounds. Maria is a key member of our team as we work to help this special guy on his journey to his new future. She is truly a gifted healer and intuit. If you are considering a holistic health care plan for yourself or your animals, I could not recommend Maria more highly.” 

L.W., MA

A few years back Maria contacted me feeling a connective pull even though we hadn't met in person yet. We ran often in the same circles as I myself am also a healer and animal communicator with my own business. During a very long personal vibrational shift, Maria quickly became my go to for her spiritual guidance, readings, and healings. I experienced the Emotion Code, a modality I had never tried before. As a healer and spiritual facilitator I know how important it is to receive regularly so I continued to seek her talents out forging great trust as her work consists of truly deep transformation if you are wiling. Her healing sessions gave immediate relief and permanent change. Instantaneously. Her readings and connections for what I needed to do proved over and over again to be completely accurate every time. I even improved my animal communication skills through classes with her and have co-worked with her on clients I sought confirmation on and vise versa. There are many facilitators out there, but by far with Maria you get a genuine no ego approach with faith, trust, and love from spirit. She is what I call someone who truly "steps into spirit" and listens with her heart and full trust in this work to give from a place unconditionally with out judgement. Maria and her gifts are a blessing to this world.

K.D., MA

If you have a pet that you wish to understand or a pet that may be sick or depressed, Maria is the first person I would call. Maria has worked on and communicated with several of my horses. One horse that we have owned for 13 years, another that was new to us and one that was so sad and worried all the time. Maria's communicating and spiritual healing has greatly improved our understanding of these horses which has made them happier and healthier. I would recommend Maria to anyone that wants help understanding their animals and wants help with their animals health. Even the skepticals at my farm are now true believers!!! We can never thank Maria enough.

T.G., 'Just Imagine Farm', MA

Luke is our beloved 7-year-old Pug. He is a sweet little man with kind eyes and a quiet temper. He did, however, have some anxiousness that he relieved by spinning. Constantly. At speeds that often resulted in being airborne. He would spin anywhere, at any time during the day. The behavior began when he was just 6 months old. Over the years we have tried everything – from medications suggested by our vet to behavior training. Nothing ever worked.

We called Maria thinking that perhaps her energy healing could help calm Luke. After all, it certainly couldn’t hurt, and it was an avenue we hadn’t explored. We never expected anything more than possibly a decrease in his spinning. What we saw – after only one session – was an incredible calmness in him. You could see it first in his eyes and the way he relaxed his ears, making his head appear almost perfectly round. But the most amazing part? He wasn’t spinning. Was the pattern finally broken? We weren’t sure initially, but over the course of the next few sessions, it became clear that Luke’s spinning was a thing of the past.

After 7 years, it’s hard to believe that our little boy is able to live in peace with no visible signs of anxiety or frustration. He’s much happier. You can see it in his step. And he actually acts younger. We cannot thank Maria enough for the peace that she has given Luke. We are thrilled, and are firm believers in Maria’s energy healing methods.  

D.M., MA


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