Do what you love & love what you do!

My own need to heal is what started this journey. It was the catalyst that propelled me forward into this unknown path of self-discovery. It forced me to go beyond the surface level with curiosity and willingness to find the roots. I searched for the right questions to ask myself as opposed to looking for the answers. It was a complete untangling of how I had always approached life. It began with learning The Emotion Code, by Dr. Bradley Nelson. The more I learned, the more gifts opened up for me. Similar to my love for cooking, I took these abilities and various modalities and made them my own. Spirit is my lead in this dance of life!

I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Reiki Master. My natural abilities, which accompany these healing modalities, are Animal Communicator, Psychic Medium, Empathic, and Intuitive.

Clients have said my healing work is intensely deep. Many other healing practitioners have called me the 'healer of healers'. However, it is YOU doing the healing. I am the GPS that directs you there.

It's important to me to volunteer and help both people and animal organizations. In addition to my volunteering, I am also a Practitioner with the Cape Wellness Collaborative - a wonderful organization which provides free-of-charge integrative and complementary therapies to people facing cancer. Photography is another passion of mine. All photographs on this site are my own. Enjoy!